Virgin O2 media wifi and broadband

Well, I currently have Virginmedia and O2 broadband, Apparently one company is buying the other. I cancelled my Virginmedia due to increased cost, and at the third call from them asking me to stay, I got a rather good deal on broadband, load of tv, unlimited telephone calls, 5G sim card with unlimited usage, Netflix etc. I have now spent an entire hour on the phone to Virgin asking why my 650mbps speeds I can get on my computer are so much quicker than the wifi router they supply.

My wife has a 5G connection with another well known 5G provider which far outperforms the 650Mbps broadband we have in the house. I think I may just cancel this average service if they are unable to provide the service they seem to think is Good value for money. There is little doubt that the price will double in another 18 months, again.

Going back a bit, I have been with Virginmedia for the past 30 years and more. It may have been called NTL, or whatever. Prior to that I also worked for BT. I like them about as much as they like me.

Back to Virgin media, currently being taken over by O2, or vice verse.

It is a fantastic speed to get into the house, i.e. 650Mbps (I really mean this, what a super speed for a home line), so why waste it on inferior wifi equipment by Virgin, don’t they care? Do they spend all of their investment in Fibre technology, and then the customer experience is wasted because of the rubbish equipment they install into your home. It is a bit like the reason Ford Motor cars are losing market share, they don’t care about quality, shit for brains saving pennies with cheap components. [I broke down travelling from Scotland to home on the motorway because of these useless imbeciles at Ford whom purchase the parts. ]

The man on the phone at Virgin media won’t admit to their equipment being rubbish, but it really is. He just mumbles on the ways to speed the connection into the premises, and I repeat over and over again, that the line is superb, absolutely brilliant, it is the rubbish equipment they install in your home, to save a few pennies!

He also continues about the fact the wifi router may suffer from the signal being blocked whilst my laptop testing the wifi is less than a metre from the router/ wifi. It is just plain useless equipment, and random people on the amazon site selling me a fairly cheap router tend to agree, as one of them describes the Virgin media wifi internals as being very low grade electronics.

I don’t think the was Virgin operative was thick, but more embarrassed by selling this service to a good customer.

I could spend £500 on a really good netgear wifi router (apparently), but I have bought a cheaper one for £35 coming tomorrow, and a Virgin engineer is also coming to fix their equipment. I doubt he will be able to. The web site talks about the wifi6 experience, and it is not new. The company makes itself out to be great, and it is immeasurably better than BT, but it sells a service which it is not able to supply with the low grade equipment which it adds as a standard, and its best, feature.

The engineer arrived, I had dealt with him before a couple of times, and he communicated to me that the relevant signal strength was the number of bars I could see on my laptop. I ran the diagnostics from their router and explained that all signal strength was very slow, and Virgin and O2 need to provide equipment which works, and he changed the main router for a newer model.

He did also say that there is no such thing as a wifi6 box available from Virginmedia, and not to believe everything from the web site. The updated equipment did improve the signal somewhat, but I have more tests to run over the next few days to show Virginmedia are supplying cheap and shoddy equipment and not being totally truthful about their speeds of transmission in the house, or the signal strengths.

I just thought I would share this, and will post updates on how fancy my wifi may be in the future.Oh, they kept going through ways of improving the speed when I was standing less than a meter away from my wifi router, so I think we can rule that out as a joke (see above). You don’t get treated properly unless you complain, nicely, I should point out. 650mbps broadband is the business!!! Just provided the right equipment to make it work in the house.